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The NEW Solutions SEE Program is based on two (2) important principles:

  1. People 55 and older have a wealth of talent and experience and many are qualified to fulfill a wide variety of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assignments.
  2. These individuals provide an experienced and talented supplemental resource to help the EPA meet its environmental objectives.

NEW Solutions SEE Program participants, or enrollees, assist EPA at its headquarters offices in Washington, DC, in regional offices and laboratories. Enrollees serve in technical areas such as science and engineering and a variety of administrative and other assignments.

As a proud member of this talented group, you will be helping EPA and local communities to preserve, protect and enhance our global environment.

For complete information about programs, policies and procedures, your Monitor and NEW Solutions Field Office are available to answer questions and to assist you.

Ask your Monitor to help with:

  • clarifying assignments
  • determining regular assignment schedules
  • authorizing overtime
  • approving official records and reports
  • scheduling vacation time/Individual Holiday
  • resolving initial problems

Contact your NEW Solutions Field Office if you:

  • have problems filling out your e-timesheet or have miss the deadline for e-timesheets
  • have questions about the use of sick leave and vacation time or any other payroll questions
  • return to your assignment after an extended medical absence
  • have a problem you cannot resolve with your monitor
  • have concerns about your health or safety
  • are injured while on the job working
  • or have other questions about your service as a SEE enrollee 


Enrollment Agreement


Under the federal statutory structure of the SEE Program, SEE Enrollees do not have employee status with either EPA or NEW Solutions. Enrollees are not eligible to receive the benefits accorded to Federal government employees nor NEW Solutions employees.  Enrollees are eligible to receive benefits listed in this enrollee handbook.

Before an enrollee can begin an assignment under the SEE Program an Enrollment Agreement must be executed.  NEW Solutions SEE Program Enrollment Agreements are for a one year period and may be renewed annually by the Monitor. When an agreement is renewed, there is a fifty-cent per hour increase until a maximum wage for the position tier is reached.

Position hourly wages will be based on the designation new tier. New Enrollments must start at the starting wage of the position tier and are non-negotiable. 

EPA’s New Wage Structure as of January 1, 2024:

Position Tiers Starting Wage Maximum Wage
A $16.20 $19.20
B $19.21 $22.20
C $22.21 $28.20
Please note that EPA sets the wage structure. However, minimum wage requirements are implemented in designated locations.

Health and Safety


Report any accident, injury or illness immediately to your Monitor and contact the NEW Solutions Field Office with details. The NEW Solutions SEE Program's workers' compensation insurance carrier will be notified by the NEW Solutions Field Director.

Preventive Measures

  • Know the safety rules and follow every precaution to protect yourself and your colleagues from injury and illness.
  • Know the standard procedures for the tasks you perform and use all required protective equipment.
  • Report all unsafe conditions, practices and equipment.
  • Obtain first aid for every injury, however minor it may seem.


Workers' Compensation


Report any work-related accident, injury, or illness at the earliest opportunity to your Monitor and the NEW Solutions Field Office. The NEW Solutions workers' compensation insurance carrier (The Hartford) will be notified by the NEW Solutions Field Office if necessary.  You may also contact Benefits@NEWsolutions.org.   

It is important to seek immediate medical attention if seriously injured.  You can use https://www-sf.talispoint.com/htfd/external/ to find a local medical provider.


If You Leave the Program


A resignation should be submitted in writing and provide two weeks' notice. Remember to address your resignation to your NEW Solutions Field Office and copy your Monitor.

Even though two weeks' notice is the accepted practice, there are times when it is appropriate to give less notice. Ask your NEW Solutions Representative for guidance.

Prior to Leaving:

  • Travel advances must be reconciled and repaid to the NEW Solutions SEE Program.
  • All agency identification and EPA property must be returned to your Monitor.

Last Paycheck:

Payment for any unused vacation will be included in your final paycheck. Final paycheck will be issued to you in the same manner you have requested for your paychecks to be issued. 


Additional Information


Monitors and EPA may recommend dismissal, but only the NEW Solutions has the authority to terminate your enrollment.